Our Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all our clients. When you feel something has gone wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.


Our Complaints Procedure has the following goals:

  • To deal with complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively.
  • To ensure that all complaints are handled in a consistent manner throughout.
  • To increase customer satisfaction.
  • To use complaints constructively in the planning and improvement of all areas of the business.

If you have a complaint, please follow the Complaints Process.


No complaint can be filed after 12 months of the initial issue date.


  1.  Who can complain?

Anyone who is:

  • Receiving a service from Luxe Lets.
  • Has received a service within the last 12 months.


  1. How to Complain?

The following steps outline the process of our complaints procedure.

Step 1 – Initial Complaint

Please send via recorded delivery your letter of complaint to Luxe Lets, detailing your dispute. This is to ensure we receive all documentation, signed and dated.  From this stage all correspondence will require the recorded delivery service.

Company Address:                                                                                                                     

Luxe Lets
Maple Tree House
78 Bedford Road
Houghton Conquest
MK45 3NE

The Complaint letter should contain the following:-

  • Stated Issue/Problem
  • Evidence of your issue
  • Evidence of direct impact. i.e. if you have suffered any loss
  • Evidence of all interaction, communication and documents must be provided
  • Please include your address and telephone contact details

Ensuring sufficient detail will enable us to both review your issue sufficiently and to form a more comprehensive response.



Step 2 – Acknowledgment

You will receive written acknowledgement confirmation of your complaint within 3 working days of the receipt.

Step 3 – Resolution Meeting Process

You will be contacted within 15 working days of Luxe Lets sending you the initial acknowledgement letter, where you will be formally invited to a meeting to discuss and resolve your complaint by listening to you directly. This meeting gives the opportunity for both parties to resolve any issues. A meeting allowing us to listen to your concerns is recognised as the best way forward and betters the chance of resolving your complaint.

Step 4 – Interim

Following the meeting with you and Luxe Lets’ representative(s), all aspects of the complaint, both internal and external, will be assessed to ensure that key facts are identified and clarified.

You will receive a written report confirming what was discussed, what was agreed, and the outcome agreed at the resolution meeting.

Step 5 – Luxe Lets Final Position

Within 28 days of the Resolution meeting date, you will then receive a response confirming our final position on your complaint and a detailed explanation of our reasons. Any extension of this time limit requires your consent.

Step 6 – Follow up meeting

We offer a follow up meeting to ensure you feel satisfied with our response and that your complaint was fairly handled.  Please let our team know if you’d like to partake with this step.

Step 7; Finalisation 

If you are still not satisfied with the result of the complaint process. You can then contact the following:-

Property Redress Scheme:    

Premiere House,
1st Floor,
Elstree Way,


Normally, you will need to bring a complaint to the Property Redress Scheme within six months of receiving a final written response from us about your complaint. For further information, you should contact 0333 321 9418 or go to https://www.theprs.co.uk/ContactUs